Dr. Christos Tsadilas

Dr. Christos D. Tsadilas is a Senior Research Scientist and the Director of the Institute of Industrial and Forage Crops, Larissa, Greece, Hellenic Agricultural Organization Demeter. He holds a Bachelor in Agronomy (Agricultural University of Athens, 1975), a MSc in Soil Survey, Evaluation and Hydrological Economy of Soils (Agricultural University of Athens, 1986) and PhD in Soil Chemistry (Agricultural University of Athens, 1991), postdoc studies in the University of Reading in UK, (1996), the University of Kentucky, (1998) and University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE (2001).With over twenty-five years of experience, he has participated in more than 30 competitive research projects both national and European as coordinator, scientific responsible, team leader or member of research team. The objects of the research carried out were soil nutrient management, waste management, water management, soil pollution and remediation and precision agriculture. He has been involved in more than 30 non competitive projects funded by Municipalities, the Ministry of Agriculture, private companies and agricultural associations with objects related to agricultural management systems, waste management and application of new technologies. He has over 80 publications in referred journals included in Science Citation Index (more than 1000 citations, h-index 19). He is the author or co-author of over 15 book chapters and two books, he has numerous full papers in proceedings and abstracts of international conferences. He is also a reviewer of scientific articles submitted to numerous reputable Scientific Journals and a member of more than ten scientific associations. His research interests cover the topics of Soil Survey and Land Evaluation, Soil Chemistry, Soil Fertility, Soil Pollution and Remediation, Waste management, Precision Agriculture.