Prof. Ademir de Oliveira Ferreira

Post-doctorate in Dynamics of Organic Matter in Soil Management Systems by the University of Ponta Grossa-UEPG (2014-2017); Ph.D. in Soil Science from the Federal University of  Santa Maria-UFSM with a doctoral-sandwich internship at Kansas State University (2014); Master in Agronomy by UEPG (2009); Graduated in (i) Agronomy by UEPG (2006), and (ii) Teacher Training for Professional Education by UFSM (2012).  He  was  a  Researcher  member  of  the  "Aquarius  Project"  of  Precision Agriculture-PA (2010-2014). The project has been decisive for the implementation of the PA in the south of Brazil. Assistant Professor, University of Ponta Grossa and University of Northern Paraná (2016 - current). Received prizes and distinctions: State College "Major Vespasiano Carneiro de Mello" (2001); Congress of Integrated Systems of Management of Sustainable Agricultural Production (2006); Annual Meeting of Scientific Initiation (2009); Latin American Congress on Soil Science (2012); Featured in the "ScienceDirect Top 25", Soil & Tillage Research - Impact Factor: 3.40 (2013); Motions for recognition of the Castro-PR City Hall (2015); Certificate of Outstanding Contribution as Reviewer, Ecological Indicators - Impact Factor: 3.89 (2016). Guest speaker of Congresses in Brazil and Australia. In 2014 he was a Speaker at the "1st Brazilian Symposium on Sandy Soils". In 2015 he was the main Speaker at the "Vic No-Till 13th Annual Conference", Australia. Reviewer of 25 national and international scientific journals. Member of the editorial board of 5 international journals. Member of advisory committee of the National Center of Science & Technology Evaluation (Kazakhstan) and the Araucária Foundation (Brazil). He has experience in the field of Agronomy, with emphasis in Management and Soil Conservation, working in no-tillage system since 2002. Mainly working on the following topics: soil fertility management, soil organic matter dynamics and quality, nitrogen, root development, Carbon sequestration.